Sunday, October 14, 2012

Internet Brands, Lying Scumbags SAY WHAT!?!?!?!?!!! – !#@$%^&

In every story, there are two sides. There was a lot of criticism with people feeling that Internet Brands was not given a fair chance to comment in The Register’s recent article on vBulletin. Today, Internet Brands made their comment with The Register in a new article released today, and after reading it, I will have to say Internet Brands has hit a new low.

Oh a new low indeed.
Earlier in the week, former core Jelsoft developer Scott Macvicar wrote on his Twitter “So sad to see the company I helped build up screw customers over. Glad I bailed when I did, funemployment rocks”  in a comment to the flood of tweets to the very first Register article on vBulletin.

vBulletin was definitely Scott’s baby. We know Scott for 7-8 years now and vBulletin was his pride and joy. I can honestly say I’ve never known a person like Scott who loves what he did.

Let’s not forget he has our admiration and respect for the exact same time period and has been with vBulletin since the beginning.

But this a new low and a new low indeed. Legal council for Internet Brands, Patrick Stack dismissed Scott’s comment earlier today in The Register’s new article, saying that it is “not too worrisome” and that it came from a “disgruntled former employee.”

What are you smoking Mr. Stack!?

In my eyes, Mr.

Stack has lead Internet Brands onto a powder keg. It will backfire if Internet Brands is not careful.
If there’s ever a reason to pick a bone with Internet Brands, this would be one reason.  It’s rude to call Scott disgruntled.

It’s disrespectful. It’s uncalled for a number of reasons.

Internet Brands just took a swipe at one of the most respected trio of management, leaders, and developers in the industry. This same trio also have the respect of the competition, including Invision Power Board’s lead developer Matt Mecham.  Let’s also not forget Scott’s extensive resume too. Not only was he a vBulletin developer,  he’s the lead developer of the SQLite3 Extension and the ImageMagick PHP wrapper.

Plus he’s a former mentor for Google Summer of Code program.
The man’s a legend in short, and Internet Brands has an audacity to take a swipe at this guy? Scott knows what he’s doing, and he’s done it extremely well for the last several years.

I can’t say the same for you Internet Brands.

Talk about calling the kettle black.
Look in the mirror sometime Internet Brands, and it might surprise you that you’re describing everything about yourself. If anything, Scott’s not a disgruntled employee; but rather he’s a smart and brilliant employee and has a far more comprehensive understanding of a customer than you currently have.
I hope investors are listening to this side of the fence.

Internet Brands just lost a ton of respect in my eyes.

It was bad enough they weren’t listening to us, but to backstab one of their former employees in an attempt to save face with the public?
That’s just low.
If there’s ever a reason to leave Internet Brands as an employee, we most certainly found that reason.

It’s the classic management case study in which employees don’t divorce the company, but rather they divorce management.

Many of us wondered why Scott, Mike, and Kier left vBulletin, and I think we have a slightly more clear picture today.
Scott, we salute you. Let’s hope they don’t take a swipe at Kier or Mike next.

Some parting words from Scott in response to Patrick’s outlandish comments:

Disgruntled? I wouldn’t say I’m a disgruntled employee, I left on reasonable terms with the company and was answering questions for them just a few weeks ago. The fact that they’re simply ignoring customers is just shocking and it’s what troubles me the most.

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