Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Orange Park, FL Auto Loans for Bad Credit - Where to Apply in Orange Park?

This article considers a handful of opportunities that you may have available to you for Orange Park, FL bad credit car loans. It's much easier than many imagine to get approved for people with a job in Orange Park with sufficient income and meet some basic criteria.

A Clever Option

Do you own a home in Orange Park? One of the smartest ways to get a fantastic bad credit car loan package in Orange Park is to take out a home equity loan. The interest rates are much lower than most bad credit car loan companies charge and the interest is also tax deductible as mortgage interest. This is one creative and advantageous way of getting the money you may need for a car with a secure financing option.

Not So Wise...

Buy here, pay here places in Orange Park (those dealerships that you see with signs offering to finance anyone) are sprouting up everywhere around FL. These are generally small local dealers that have high mileage used cars. They offer to finance anyone that walks through the doors usually, that has a down payment (to cover the cost or a portion of the car) and a job. This is quite like purchasing a vehicle from a pawn shop due to the high interest rates and the pricing (they're betting that you don't look at an used car pricing guide). If you're in a bankruptcy or just simple bad credit then this is a potential option..

One not so common option some have...

Local Orange Park banks (credit unions included) are an option for some if you have an open account with them that is in good standing. Even after a bankruptcy, if you've kept your payments current with a local lender that has treated you well (and you've reciprocated with timely payments) then it's a good idea to consult with them first before you head elsewhere. You may be surprised what knowing someone can do, too!

One way many are choosing as of late...

Online companies that specialize in bad credit car loans and helping people find Orange Park lenders based on their income are some of the best places to look in Orange Park. There are several websites offering this service for anyone in Orange Park, yet you have to be wary in this day and time to be sure that you're dealing with a good, solid and legitimate company.

Before you leave, I would like to invite you to a website that I've developed to help people that are looking for a good company to work with in Orange Park. It's hard finding a good company that offers bad credit financing for cars, but there are still legitimate sources that can help you to overcome the obstacles you happen to be facing.

Visit for Orange Park, FL Auto Loans for Bad Credit.

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